Tyna Ros: Mexican Folk Artist

We are proud to present one of our artists and friend, Tyna Ros, who is an independent mexican singer-songwriter. Her sound, greatly influenced by folk and country pop, proposes a new music genre in Mexico. Tyna’s new album entitled “Lobo Gris” (which means Grey Wolf) will be released before the end of 2015. After living a difficult year with uncertainty and despair, Tyna refers to the metaphor of transforming into an animal with tremendous courage and strength which lets her move forward.

Tyna’s new album and music video “Vida Para Contar” (“Life to Tell”) were produced in Nashville, Tennessee at HillTop Recording Studios performing alongside renowned country musicians. Check it out!!

Interview: An Insight to Milo's Film Scoring

Recently we had the chance to interview one of our composers in our team, Mexican music composer Milo Coello.

So Milo, tell us about you.

“I am a music composer for films, television, and commercials. I’ve been playing music instruments and making music my whole life. I play the piano, drums, guitar, bass, and I’m also a singer. I graduated from Berklee College of Music with a dual degree in Film Scoring and Performance. I lived a few years in Los Angeles before moving back to Mexico City.”

Milo has worked in approximately 40 films, a great variety of TV shows and networks including Discovery, National Geographic, History Channel, and Animal Planet.

Where do your ideas and creativity come from? Do you get inspired from other composers?

“Inspiration comes in different ways; it depends on the type of project I’m working on. If it’s a personal project, it can come from an event in my life. If it's a film scoring project, inspiration must come from the images. You have to create what the director wants to transmit to the audience. Sometimes my inspiration comes from listening to the work of composers I admire, although I try to avoid it when I’m composing for films so my music doesn't end up sounding like theirs.”

Do you think about the final audience when you write music?

“In the case of film scoring, always. It’s very important to be aware of the feelings you want the audience to experience as well as its specific time in the film. On the other hand, when composing for a musical artist, it’s best to consider what the audience likes, yet keeping the artists’ musical essence and the feelings they want to portray.”

Milo just released his latest album “Arise”, which he describes as a compilation of the best songs he has ever written over the past years.

Which is your favorite composition and why? Which song do you identify with the most?

“Arise” is the most meaningful because it symbolizes a part of my life where things were not good. I had two choices back then, composing something sad being related to my feelings at that time or write something epic to cheer me up. I took the second option and to this day, this composition gives me the chills and I think the audience get them too. That’s the reason the album is called “Arise”.”

Can you give us any insight about your writing methods?

“I have a lot of different methods depending on the genre, but I tend to start with the harmony, (or sometimes from a melody that just comes to my head), an ostinato, start improvising with the piano or from a combination from all these. It’s good to practice them all until it becomes something instinctive and natural, and not overthink on how to compose.”

Milo gives a short message for the future music composers and artists in the media.

“Never stop learning, always expand your limits as far as possible. Compose everyday, get to know the technology as best as you can, and always have this phrase in mind: “The harder you work, the luckier you get”.”

You can find Milo Coello’s music in our library or you can visit his website.